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Since 2009, we’ve collected billions of data points each day to systematically measure global maritime trade and interpret the activities of the worldwide fleet among more than 150 coastal countries.



An experienced, world-class technical team, guided by scientific method and inspired to transform maritime trade through data and technology.

We systematically model an estimated $9 trillion of global maritime trade and the activities of more than 100,000 vessels across 150 coastal countries. We deploy physical modeling, statistical modeling and machine learning techniques when appropriate. We are emphatic with respect to automation and rigorous in our efforts to provide data and solutions that are trustworthy for business critical decision making.

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1 billion+

data points received daily

12+ years

of point-in-time seaborne trade & commodity data


volume of global trade transported by sea

$9 trillion

annual seaborne economic activity


Enhancing investment research and trading with alternative maritime data

Hundreds of time series on commodity fundamentals and maritime economic activity with over a decade of history, designed for quantitative financial research and analysis, and the development of uncorrelated systematic trading signals.

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Latest Datasets

Maritime Emissions

CargoMetrics has created the most comprehensive and insightful datasets for monitoring carbon emissions and fuel consumption. These datasets are well suited for a wide range of applications by ship owner/operators, cargo owners, ship brokers, multinational corporations, and hedge funds and other investors.

  • 590K mt
    Carbon emissions per day
  • 5.6M mt
    Average fuel consumption per month
  • 1.1T DWT
    Average daily capacity
  • 6 g/mt/nm
    Carbon per tonne-mile
  • 513K mt
    Carbon emissions per day
  • 5M mt
    Average fuel consumption per month
  • 25M TEU
    Average daily capacity
  • 90 g/TEU/nm
    Carbon per capacity-mile
  • 450K mt
    Carbon emissions per day
  • 4.3M mt
    Average fuel consumption per month
  • 650M DWT
    Average daily capacity
  • 9 g/mt/nm
    Carbon per tonne-mile

The European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the world’s leading greenhouse gas trading scheme, requires certain industries - including shipping - to report and offset carbon emissions. CargoMetrics tracks daily tons of maritime CO2 emissions in accordance with EU ETS rules allowing organizations to analyze trends, model carbon emissions, inform EU Allowances trading decisions, and provide context to regulatory requirements.

Data Characteristics
Comprehensive global coverage
Systematically derived
Granular by vessel class and size
Sample Use Cases
Benchmarking vessel or fleet emissions
Assessing CBAM/Scope 3 maritime emissions
Trading in carbon markets
Analyzing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption volumes and trends


Since our inception we have partnered with leading investment management firms, maritime shipping companies and government agencies. Our partnerships are reflective of our collaborative culture and our desire to deliver impactful solutions.