About Us

Scientists. Economists. Collaborators. Optimists.

We see the world differently. Together, we are motivated to learn more. To do more. To push boundaries. Not to be recognized as mavericks, but because we are propelled by boundless curiosity. Finding truth above all else is what drives us. Sharing that truth in ways that will meaningfully benefit others is what sets us apart.


A Journey in Data Science and Maritime Innovation

Founded in Boston, Massachusetts as GlobalFlows Inc. in December 2008, we have been systematically modeling global maritime trade for more than a decade. Through 2020, we focused primarily on investment management activities, including trading commodity futures and currency forwards based on our proprietary trading strategies with as much as $250 million of assets under management, and also served U.S. government clients.

Today, leveraging our core maritime system and our team’s experience, we provide unique data products and SaaS solutions broadly to the investment management and maritime shipping & logistics markets.


CargoMetrics has compiled a portfolio of patents and other intellectual property that follow from our culture of innovation.

Our patents cover a broad set of technology areas beyond maritime trade that include but are not limited to the following:
- Valuation and assessment of activity of vehicles (ships, trucks, trains, planes, drones, etc.) to obtain a global view of trade
- Identification of vehicles
- Measurements and inference of cargo movements
- Availability/supply of vehicles
- Recommendations of future and optimal routes for vehicles to improve supply chain efficiency
- Assessments of historical trade and predictions of future trade
- Determinations in the case of inaccurate, incomplete or conflicting vehicle information

U.S. Patent No. 9,384,456

(July 2016)

U.S. Patent No. 9,798,996

(October 2017)

U.S. Patent No. 10,127,515

(November 2018)

U.S. Patent No. 10,410,167

(September 2019)

US Patent No. 10,956,852

(March 2021

Canada Patent No. 2,728,21

(March 2017)


An interdisciplinary team of software engineers, data scientists, mathematicians, economists, and maritime professionals.

Shared exploration, discovery and problem solving. Is our crew a fit for you?

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We are Motocross Racers and Astrophysicists

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Software, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers

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Our Employee Average Tenure is over 6 Years

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We are Global Trade Policy Specialists and Peace Corps Volunteers

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…Naval Architects and Choir Tenors

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30% of Our Employees Have PhDs

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We are Runners, Cyclists, and Avid Mountain Climbers

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Collectively We Speak Over 10 Languages

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We have CFA, CAIA, Series 3, and CPA Certifications

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We Take Time to Enjoy Good Food and Exchange Views on Craft Ales and Lagers

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We Coach Youth Volleyball, Baseball, and Basketball

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Our Leadership Team’s Average Tenure is Over 11 Years

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We Advocate for Animal Welfare and Practice Jiu Jitsu

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Above All, We are Teammates, Adoring Parents, Spirited Partners, Joyful Pet Owners, and Ready Neighbors!

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What Drives Us



Our strength is our unity and "together" is part of our essence, our core - extending to our customers, vendors, partners and shareholders. We explore, discover and problem solve together. We respect and trust each other and we value our differences.



We have ambitious goals and we face formidable challenges but there is no accomplishment ahead of doing the right thing. Integrity is the mortar that bonds us together.