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The CargoMetrics’ Compass Platform empowers data and technology-driven decision-making, accompanied by performance expectations and risk assessments. The underlying foundation is fully systematic and its perspective is global and independent.

Intelligence that shines a light on the route to improved performance.

CargoMetrics’ Freight and Fleet products are used by executive, operations, analytics, and performance teams at leading shipping companies, charterers, port operators, and multinational consumer goods companies in the maritime space. The products inform both strategic and daily operating decisions and provide valuable real-time and historical perspective.

Leading change with an algorithmic, data-driven solution.

The CargoMetrics Digital Fleet Management SaaS solution is an optimization engine used by vessel owners and operators to improve fleet performance. The solution has a global perspective and systematically applies logic and rules every day to provide data-driven, evidence based chartering and fleet allocation signals in a consistent manner across an entire organization. It is efficient, scalable, and designed to iteratively learn and improve from its interaction with users and market observations.

Investment Management

A responsibility we share as stewards of the environment.

The CargoMetrics Environmental Impact data products are designed to inform decision-making and improve visibility into the environmental impact of shipping. Our data and tools support both general and tailored emissions benchmarking and allow for the evaluation of decisions in terms of environmental impact — including carbon trading, ESG risk assessment and policy making, vessel routing and speed, and equipment modifications.

Leverage our unique experience.

We engage in bespoke consulting, research, and software development services for companies in the Maritime Shipping & Logistics domain including projects related to the development of unique data sets and decision support tools and the quantitative assessment of business strategies and models.

Maritime Market Model

A Comprehensive Digital Representation of
All Shipping Activity

Our Compass Platform incorporates a market model of all voyages, individual and aggregated, throughout time with each voyage representing a composite of distinct shipping activities and events. The market model powers many of our Freight and Fleet products and our Digital Fleet Management Solution that are used across the spectrum from c-suite to digital teams, analysts, hedgers, investors, charterers and traders and include:

Fleet and vessel optimization engines

Prescriptive data-driven instructions/signals

Indices pertaining to fleets, vessels, routes, and cargoes — with insight into revenue, cost, time, risk and environmental impact

Analytics related to maritime shipping activity and the interconnected digital supply network

CargoMetrics Voyage Sementationn

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"CargoMetrics is a driving force in maritime innovation - at the same time having the passion and understanding of a maritime insider and the ability of an outsider to challenge and transform."


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We serve ship owners & operators, cargo owners, port operators, ship brokers and exchanges, lenders and others in the related financial markets - working closely with their executive teams, operations teams, vessel charterers, commodity traders and digital and analytics teams. We work together with our customers to create data-driven solutions, cultures, and organizations.

Ship Owners & Operators

Cargo Owners

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coverage of global fleet in our emissions model


number of berths modeled

6 weeks

length of vessel movement prediction window

$75 billion

annual maritime freight

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Data & Index Licensing

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Digital Fleet Management

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Environmental Impact

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Professional Services

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