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Software Engineer

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To join our software engineering team and help expand, maintain, and improve the company’s varied information systems. Our engineers tackle a wide range of challenges, as our technology needs encompass both those of a systematic investment manager and those of a maritime analytics service: some systems require 24×7 uptime for data collection; others integrate data from a wide range of sources to drive automated decisions; still others employ batch processing to solve analytics problems across wide ranges of temporal data. We value flexibility and openness to new challenges. We strive to continually improve our tools and techniques so we can spend more time expanding our capabilities and less time solving operational problems. Our engineers work closely with scientists and research analysts to collaboratively discover requirements; they own the operations of the systems they build.

Maritime Scientist

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To join our research team and help solve technical challenges in the company’s proprietary maritime analytics group. This position will be responsible for, but not limited to, developing algorithms for automatically interpreting and exploiting the company’s large data sets, and will collaborate closely with a multidisciplinary research team that includes software engineers, scientists, and economists. Most scientists tend to have advanced degrees in physics, electrical engineering or computer sciences.